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Recent invention of the android operating system has made the revolution in the field of the cellular communication system worldwide.

In our ongoing project, we will be creating an android app which will be used by the common people in case of any emergencies. This app will allow user to dial the emergency number automatically and sends the message to admin about the emergency.


Recent advances in the field of the communication system results in the invention of highly advanced mobile device having the power of super computers. These devices have become the integral part of the human being worldwide. Present days human being are completely dependent on these highly advanced so called smart phones for their day to day activities.

Here as a part of our academic project, we are making use of these advanced concepts of android platform to implement an advanced application which will give following features to the user in during emergency situation.

  • Call the emergency number of Police Station
  • Call the emergency number of Fire Station
  • Calls the emergency number of Hospital

Also, this application sends the SMS to the admin about the emergency occurred.

  1. Overview of the project:

The initial screen of the Emergency Caller app looks like as shown in the above picture. The initial screen will be having different buttons like

  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Hospital
  • Contact Admin

Upon clicking on the any of the button, respective number will be dialed automatically and an auto generated SMS will be sent to admin regarding the emergency situation.

Further Extension:

Also we are extending the functionality of the app by including all the Hospitals, Fire Stations & Police station present in the nearby vicinity.

  • Applications & Conclusion:

          The above advanced Emergency Caller android application is used by the common peoples during emergency and helps as handy friend in reaching out to emergency numbers.

Development Requirements

  • Software Used: Eclipse IDE
  • Programming Language: JAVA
  • Testing: Android Software Emulator / Android Phone
  • Hardware requirement for Development: PC with modern Processor with minimum of 2GB RAM


  • Android Developer Community
  • Android Market Place

Contact Info:

Venugopal M N


Mobile: +91-9739983992

About Me: Developer of VTU Syllabus android application, published more than 50+ application in Google Play Store. Has around 9 years of experience in IT Industry, currently working as Team Lead in Leading Company.

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  2. I need a complete made project…. any project …pls tell me the amount which i have 2 pay for that….i am alone doing this project becoz i m the only student left to complete the degree…this is my last yr….pls tell me how much i have 2 pay sir

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